Recently watching a lot of HGTV, and favorite series Fixer Upper,   unfortunately already ended with season 5. Designer Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip, constructor, took the worst houses in Waco Texas, sometimes completely ruined, that cost even from £10000, and transformed them into clients dream houses.

The final effect was always stunning.  They were building fireplaces, opening the kitchens and dining areas,   doing the exteriors, new large windows,  french doors and much more. Designer Joanna Gaines always added character and charm into every space and house she designed.

Here are inspirational images from the series and from their website, also a blog by Joanna Gaines.
house transformation Fixer Upper
Another house new exterior design in Season 5.
house transformation Fixer Upper
house transformation Fixer Upper

hall Fixer Upper
bedrrom Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper living room

Fixer Upper bathroom
Fixer Upper bathroom

Beautiful pics that will add a character to any house

Fixer Upper patio
Fixer Upper homeoffice

Fixer Upper living room

Anyone looking for an apartment in London, hoping to own a first home, came across the “shared ownership” option. This is a quite new scheme, that allows you to buy a property only for about 25% of it’s value. So they are part-own, part-rent, quite affordable apartments, the mortgage is not as high as usually required for a property. But there could be some limitations, other costs, e.g service charges, which are not always fixed.

Anyway, the apartments are brand new, ready to move in, with sleek modern design. Kitchens and bathrooms are finished to the highest standard.

apartment in London shared ownership

Create the look:

I researched only a few development projects, housing assosioations, that offer shared ownership. e.g L&Q at Greenwich Peninsula , but ther are plenty others on website
Inspirational images are from these two websites.

modern apartments

modern apartments

modern apartments

modern apartments

I also came across beautiful modern apartments in Goodluck Hope, an industrially inspired luxury development, founded on a heritage of industry, craft and creativity. Specially commissioned details and carefully sourced decorative elements add a unique signature to each space and room.

modern apartments
These apartments, less or more expensive, are very inspirational, often designed by award-winning architects and interior designers. They offer a new social communal way of living, gym, pool, private inside cinema. And besides that, they are situated in great locations, like Docklands, near the River Thames.

modern apartments
modern apartments

modern apartments

Create the modern similar look with these selection of furniture & accessories:

At the beginning of new year, after a few weeks of lazy January, it is time to do some changes, maybe starting with redesigning your apartment’ walls and creating retro, stylish welcoming vibe.
There is a new amazing trend coming this spring and summer, very ethnic, Africa inspired, but also modern vintage. Just take a look at new Zara campaign Spring-Summer 2018.
Vintage look was and continue to be popular, but takes a delicate turn with very detailed sophisticated patterns.
A few inspirational pics below, from tv shows like “Girlboss” (very funny tv series about the beginning of vintage shop Nasty Gal) or “Dear white people”. Both on Netflix.
pattern vintage walls dear white people
vintage movie apartment girlboss
pattern walls vintage dear white people

“Dear white people” movie apartments were designed by set decorator Shauna Aronson
pattern wallpapers vintage dear white people
wallpaper pattern dear white people
Vinage style pics of patterned wallpapers and accessories, still from the movie “Dear white people”

pattern wallpaers
pattern walls

Below is the selection of patterned wallpapers, available from many stores, some of them are the newest self-adhesive and removable:

vintage walls pattern
vintage acessories dear white people

pattern walls dear white people

Check out this selection of accessories vintage inspired, also great as gifts for Walentine’s Day:

Makeup Artists Algria Ferreira-Watling’s semi-detached Victorian home in Cape Town, South Africa is very antithesis of mainstream. Bare walls and floors are washed with white and grey cement , cretestone and beach sand. The wooden floors and doorways are sanded down to smooth matte finish.




houseArtist3hungergamesKind of reminds me of fantastic poster with Woody Harrelson (“Hunger games” movie). Home images via




Preparing for autumn cold evenings and winter – get cosy with  knitted , fury throws, blankets and  lot of cushions. Always great winters warmers.

It could be  very nice to sleep in that bedroom.

3d pictures, digital sets, very realistic,  created by Blackhous using design, photography, cinema and technology.

hipster loft from B&B Italia

Catalog design followed by the project of Studiopepe  for Ivano Redaelli stand in collaboration with the architect Martino Berghinz at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair.



budget friendly scandinavian style home , created by food designer Tyra Ballantyne


Unique chairs, art wall, accessories from small and big designers, available to buy online from affiliate stores for your home, apartment.