Summer season is about to make the most of your garden or patio. From rooftop terraces to grand green spaces, there’s always room for improvement, so if your outdoor space needs a refresh, step away from the ordinary and try some innovative ideas. Whether you’re longing for the perfect party setting, or for somewhere to curl up in the shade with a good book, your patio can provide.

You probably think this bright patio is somewhere in the Mediterranean. Actually it’s in London, but the clever use of white concrete planters, grasses and simple paving  creates a sunny, ‘holiday at home’ vibe.


This wooden canopy (roof) provides respite from the midday sun and sudden showers alike. Keeping half the area open means friends and family can enjoy the sun and sky, too.


Eclectic Deck by London Architects & Building Designers

images via,,

patio bamboo furniture

images via and Tine K Home, andallshallbewell.tumblr

Rattan and bamboo garden furniture

Go tropical
Make a lush, jungle oasis, evergreen gardens, use natural wood and neutral tones, tropical palms are a handsome addition, either potted or planted into borders. And when the sun’s out, it’s easy to convince yourself you’re somewhere on the island…

Even in summer evenings can be a bit chilly, so you could also add a fire pit in the centre of the seating area for partying into the night. Decorate your garden with home-made candle holders for a low-budget lighting solution.
Furniture that isn’t traditionally used outside can add real charm to a patio. By mixing up the seating options, including sofas, sunloungers and dining chairs with piles of cushions for comfort,  garden is ready for anything.



According to Real estate and rental marketplace Zillow there is top new patio trends for this summer, one:
Lime Green Accent Colors . Their experts suggest finding subtle ways to incorporate it into your decor, whether it be in throw pillows, chair cushions, or vases.

images via thejungalow,, Oficjalny profil Dekoratorni

According to Zillow “outdoor spaces are becoming an extension of indoor living,” “so people will invest in long-lasting furniture that can weather both the seasons and changing fads.”
A year-round, built-in bench means the space is perfect for a coffee on a sunny morning.

Excessive Patterns are probably soon out, but still look nice.
Check out also these garden outdoor furniture mostly on sales now

“Every time you tear a leaf off calendar, you present new place for new ideas” Charles Kattering.

Let’s start with a place of living. New colour of walls does make a huge change, create a mood, sometimes dramatic intimate feel. Some inspirational idaes:

Images source instagram @nicolinebeerkens, @parquet_diem

Images via

The other great source for inspiration is the shop for paints an wallpapers

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” – Edith Sitwell

The latest woodburning stoves, fireplaces and heaters are as stylish as they are efficcient. They use clean-burning smokeless fuel technology.

Using sheepskins and fairy lights will create a wintery atmosphere with a Scandinavian feel.

Images via digital magazines at  issue.comIdeal Home, House and Garden, House Beautiful

Here are the selection of stoves, heaters and candle holders, mostly on sale now.

A triangle-design built, the A-frame was one of the most beloved vacation homes of the past, but thanks to the Instagram they’re experiencing a major come back.

There are already A-frames houses as vacation rentals, tiny A-frame cabins that cost ab £1000 to build. The latest I really like is the kit homes from Estonia-based Avrame.
a-frame house

Avrame offer all the comforts of traditional homes, but cost about half as much. They are currently offering 11 different models, from backyard sheds to family-sized houses, and everything in between.

The motto of the creator is “Your house shouldn’t be a burden on your time or finances. Avrames are for people who value their freedom but still want a place to call home.”
a-frame house

Indrek Kuldkepp, founder and owner of Avrame, first designed his own A-frame as a comfortable, efficient, and affordable home that could be built quickly and easily. After Kuldkepp realized that his A-frame cost about half as much as other homes to build, he decided to start a business selling self-build A-frame kits.

Prices range according to the size of the A-frame, with the largest model—the Trio 120—costing about $35,000.

a-frame house
a-frame avrame house

The largest model, the Trio 120, has 1,300 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

a-frame house
a-frame house

Images via

Check out also these tiny houses, cabins available to buy on Amazon


Outdoor garden furniture mostly on sale

Recently watching a lot of HGTV, and favorite series Fixer Upper,   unfortunately already ended with season 5. Designer Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip, constructor, took the worst houses in Waco Texas, sometimes completely ruined, that cost even from £10000, and transformed them into clients dream houses.

The final effect was always stunning.  They were building fireplaces, opening the kitchens and dining areas,   doing the exteriors, new large windows,  french doors and much more. Designer Joanna Gaines always added character and charm into every space and house she designed.

Here are inspirational images from the series and from their website, also a blog by Joanna Gaines.
house transformation Fixer Upper
Another house new exterior design in Season 5.
house transformation Fixer Upper
house transformation Fixer Upper

hall Fixer Upper
bedrrom Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper living room

Fixer Upper bathroom
Fixer Upper bathroom

Beautiful pics that will add a character to any house

Fixer Upper patio
Fixer Upper homeoffice

Fixer Upper living room

When you are at home, you can wear whatever you want, it’s all about feeling comfortable. But at the same time you can be stylish if you choose the clothes wisely. Here are some ideas where you get the great combination of style and comfort.
The standard shorts, tees, and frocks, the comfortable trousers or jeans.
what to wear at home

what to wear at home
what to wear at home

Wear beautiful pyjamas and workout clothes, tracksuits or shorts with a tee in the same fabric. Look like a model Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner.
Images via, and tumblr blogs.

Keyli Jenner what to wear at home
Kendall Jenner in tracksuit

Shop the look:

Another great combination to wear at home: a dress that feels like pyjamas, leggins with cardigan for cold days, wrapped up or more sexy dress, and kimonos, so popular & trendy.

what to wear at home

what to wear at home
what to wear at home
Images via,, and tumblr blogs.

Shop the look:

Anyone looking for an apartment in London, hoping to own a first home, came across the “shared ownership” option. This is a quite new scheme, that allows you to buy a property only for about 25% of it’s value. So they are part-own, part-rent, quite affordable apartments, the mortgage is not as high as usually required for a property. But there could be some limitations, other costs, e.g service charges, which are not always fixed.

Anyway, the apartments are brand new, ready to move in, with sleek modern design. Kitchens and bathrooms are finished to the highest standard.

apartment in London shared ownership

Create the look:

I researched only a few development projects, housing assosioations, that offer shared ownership. e.g L&Q at Greenwich Peninsula , but ther are plenty others on website
Inspirational images are from these two websites.

modern apartments

modern apartments

modern apartments

modern apartments

I also came across beautiful modern apartments in Goodluck Hope, an industrially inspired luxury development, founded on a heritage of industry, craft and creativity. Specially commissioned details and carefully sourced decorative elements add a unique signature to each space and room.

modern apartments
These apartments, less or more expensive, are very inspirational, often designed by award-winning architects and interior designers. They offer a new social communal way of living, gym, pool, private inside cinema. And besides that, they are situated in great locations, like Docklands, near the River Thames.

modern apartments
modern apartments

modern apartments

Create the modern similar look with these selection of furniture & accessories:

At the beginning of new year, after a few weeks of lazy January, it is time to do some changes, maybe starting with redesigning your apartment’ walls and creating retro, stylish welcoming vibe.
There is a new amazing trend coming this spring and summer, very ethnic, Africa inspired, but also modern vintage. Just take a look at new Zara campaign Spring-Summer 2018.
Vintage look was and continue to be popular, but takes a delicate turn with very detailed sophisticated patterns.
A few inspirational pics below, from tv shows like “Girlboss” (very funny tv series about the beginning of vintage shop Nasty Gal) or “Dear white people”. Both on Netflix.
pattern vintage walls dear white people
vintage movie apartment girlboss
pattern walls vintage dear white people

“Dear white people” movie apartments were designed by set decorator Shauna Aronson
pattern wallpapers vintage dear white people
wallpaper pattern dear white people
Vinage style pics of patterned wallpapers and accessories, still from the movie “Dear white people”

pattern wallpaers
pattern walls

Below is the selection of patterned wallpapers, available from many stores, some of them are the newest self-adhesive and removable:

vintage walls pattern
vintage acessories dear white people

pattern walls dear white people

Check out this selection of accessories vintage inspired, also great as gifts for Walentine’s Day:

As Christmas is around the corner, here are some ideas for home decoration and dining tables.

Selection of beautiful winter wallpapers and art wall.
winter wallpaper
Images via elledecoration,northerndelights and my domaine

Furniture especially for Christmas (click the image to follow a link to the store).

folding dining table £349.95

  Dining table £254.95table wood oak
Velvet dining chairs pair £80.99

Dining chairs, single and pairs from ab £45.

Long white table £299

Table £229.99

Table and 4 Chairs and Bench £369.99
table chairs and bench

The summer season is a great time for paint projects around the house, when you can work with all your windows open. So why not freshen up your home with a different colour palette than white or beige.
Here are the hot colours for summer:

1. Aqua and Blue
As interior designer Orlando Soria said:
“This is a warm minty aqua color that instantly makes you think of swimming pools”

interios aqua wallas
aqua walls interiors

2. Blush light pink

3. Peach and shades of red, also coffee

4. Fresh, never boring: lemon and green

images via hommemaker and mydomaine

How to make them look more spaciousness

Here are simple advices from interior designers:
1. Whiten the ceilings and the walls to brighten the small space, use white marble in the bathroom.
White walls and stripped-back wooden floors gave the illusion of spaciousness. Adding textures velvet sofas, rugs will also add a character to the room.

2. Consider custom-made furniture to fit in the corners, building seating nooks in the corners or window bays.
Top off with the custom upholstery, linen, leather or velvet for glamour look, or Scandinavian simplicity.

3. Zone your space by transforming corner of the living room into the office.

4. Keep the furniture simple to not overwhelm the space. But also create a sense of luxury by combining old and new furniture.
5. When thinking about bookcases, purchase something that is high and will reach the ceilings.
White cabinetry, handleless and gloss in the kitchen reflects light and creates a feeling of spaciousness.
Floor to wall separate wardrobe will also help the space be more uncluttered and more restless.

6. If posiible, build loft extensions for living space or large bathroom.
7. Removing the doors can make the rooom instantly more open and capacious, but sometimes not very practical. Consider instead glass doors or door frames, which will give your space an open-plan feel without losing the ability to shut the areas off.

images via

Velvet- used to associated with royalty, then with dusty homes and frumpy, old-fashioned art teachers, is going through a major style renaissance. Velvet is the biggest trend in autumn 2016 across both fashion and interiors.
But not only popular once – crushed burgundy, but also raspberry, sunset orange, green and blue.
Velvet adds luxe texture to any room and it isn’t as fragile as some may think.

Chantry Farm
Photo by Hudson Architects

These light reflecting, beautiful plush fabrics are a lot more accessible today thanks to advanced technology process of making it. Beside expensive silk velvet there is a cotton and synthetic version of the fabric.

Little Venice Townhouse
Photo by Noda Designs
East London Villa
Photo by Anna Burles

images via pinterest, TMagazine, NateBerkus

Beautiful Notting Hill mews house - St Luke
 Photo by Domus Nova, photo on the left habitat.
Photo by Smith Boyd Interiors
Oregon Coast Home
Photo by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Where to find: selection of beautiful velvet chairs, sofas and accessories




Maximize creativity and productivity with a space dedicated to work and study. Here are four stylish looks to inspire, matched with your fashion style: natural simple, industrial rebel, rustic utilitarian and pastel.

  1. Natural simple

An in-built desk is a clever use of space.

2. For Pastels and Spring Lovers: mix of soft pink, greyish blue, ivory.


3. Industrial rebel

Raw texture, and utilitarian pieces such as besser-block shelves. Mix with school motives for a fun rebellious look.

4. And last trend to watch: rustic utilitarian.


Images via, designsponge,


The Danish Girl is visually stunning thanks to Eve Stewart, an Oscar-nominated production designer who has been working in film, television, and theater for 20+ years. Her latest project, film about the story of Lili Elbe, the first trans woman to ever undergo gender confirmation surgery, was a masterpiece.
She designed Gerda’s and Lilly’s apartment in Copenhagen using lots of royal blues and greys, and the Parisian apartment, more feminine, with warm soft colors—golds, saffron yellows and pinks.

Quote from the interview with Eve Stewart “I read and the more I heard stories and anecdotes about Lili, she was a piece of art for her own sake. She became her own creation. The background as a painting was just to support that”.

Copenhagen apartment


Alicia Vikander as Gerda.

Parisian apartment

Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe.


Images via Architectural Digest



Just a couple of beautiful images of winter, Christmas decoration, I found online.

Images via elledecoration and northerndelights

Transform your space at the change of new season by adding new accessories such as cushions and rugs, new shades of lamps in a colour palette that complements the weather. Mix beautiful autumn colours from orange and blue, that go really great together, to yellow, dark red and green.


Deepest inky and blue tones can create a very warm ambience, as seen on image below, room arranged by interior design maestro Abigail Ahern, author of the book “Colour”. Other tips from her book:
Mix up your accessories – avoid everything being super glam or rustic, it can feel a little one-dimensional.


Slubby shades tempered by sensuous materials and textures create peaceful space that feels beautiful and refined.


Some other autumn ideas. Colourful abstract  purple-orange-yellow rug, and dark blue duvet set  from Urbanoutfitters on the right.




images via,,,,


New York apartment with the view.

The homeowners of this  apartment gravitated towards orange tones and woods. Finding art and fabrics in perfectly matched colours was probably a challenge, but ultimately the room biggest success. Design consultation by Jeffrey King interiors. Image via Interiors NY.


And one of my favourite vintage style movie apartments (“While we are young” directed by Noah Baumbach). Bookshelf full of vinyls, hand made desk,  unique sofa and accessories.



It’s a spring time, the season for reneval. Besides picnics and gardening there is a time for work. Freshening up your work space can bring new ideas and make the work more pleasant, when is all about the sun and fun outside.
Your surroundings can affect our thoughts, and energy, so it’s good to organize your desk space, minimalise the stuff and surround yourself with plants and motivational posters.

Add to your workspace beautiful, inspirational artwork, and new modern, comfortable or accent chair in your favorite colour.


images via,, decor&blog,

Great selection of chairs for home office and many others from VOGA.


Also in Cultfurniture you can buy unique office upholstered, chairs, e.g. Eames Chair in variety of colours.

Below are two motivational posters from GP Posters.


Modern bohemian is trendy inspirational style that I love, and that can be achieved on a small budget with a little imagination. It’s all about mixing different eras and styles like urban vintage, nature, eclectic, anthropologie inspired chic mid-century home decor.

The main details are: wood-tones and bright accent colours, flowers, hanging plants, colourful armchairs, a lot of cushions, mixing patterns, textiles, flea market finds and Moroccan rugs. Hammocks suit perfectly in this style, they can function as the ultimate boho alternative to a sofa.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetcushions-boho

Below are the pictures from new book of interior designer, Emily Henson, “Modern Bohemian”.
Emily then takes you on a journey around the world to visit thirteen inspiring bohemian modern homes, from a retro riad in Essaouira to a tecnicolor family home in The Netherlands. Oversized wall hangings, houseplants, boucherouite rugs, dream catchers and all the clichéd 1970s items that we would expect are very much present, but all are given a contemporary angle.

The homes featured are an extension of the owners’, who live the Bohemian Modern lifestyle. Creative, unconventional, they are bohemian in spirit, not just in style. If you would like to discover how to bring individuality, excitement or a boho modern approach to your home, then you will find inspiration and tips aplenty in Emily Henson’s captivating guide.
Another inspiring book on the right is “The New Bohemians” by Justina Blakeney. Below are some beautiful pictures from her website thejungalow.

Best shop for buying tapistry urbanoutfitters, for vintage boho rugs onekingslane.

Images via lobsterandswan, emilyhensonstudio, mycakies, thejungalow.



Inspirational blackboard Art print – The Book Collection Velveteen Rabbit available to buy from BelleandJune.

images via tumblr blogs.


I recently discovered beautiful, unique, luxury, interior design brand OKA in London (by the way 15 years on the market), thanks to the blogger event I was luckily invited.
For a spring makeover Oka created an inspirational design scheme for the very first apartment at the brand new Battersea Power Station development with amazing riverside view.



This apartment perfectly illustrates their wide-ranging passion for design, from contemporary to classical.
Below are some beautiful pictures from Oka lookbook with furniture and accessories, all available to buy from their store.


Following the lookbook, you’ll find Annabel’s Astor interior designer, tribute to the inimitable Nancy Lancaster. She was a bold pioneer English Country House style, with a wonderful looseness in her style that dispensed with the rigid grandeur of the Victorian age.



Between the furnitures & accesories are:
CALLANISH, behemoth of a dining table that will make a fantastic, sculptural feature on any terrace or garden, a beautiful campaign style desk; multi-functional floor cushions; a spanish style console table; upholstered chairs; richly patterned cushions, with tufted 100% wool frontsand ,100% cotton canvas backs;  and extensive range of incredibly lifelike individual faux flowers, stems, pre-tied posies and bunches, and potted faux plants alongside beautiful vases and planters. See more at




Visual designer Ksenya Samarskaya transformed empty vessel, that looked like industrial container, into a home in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn NY.  Steel windows lining the entire width of the living room create a spectacular point as an everchanging artwork of sorts framing the cityscape and Manhattan skyline. Ksenya embraced semi-industrial style and created a home that is intimately considered.



images via

Makeup Artists Algria Ferreira-Watling’s semi-detached Victorian home in Cape Town, South Africa is very antithesis of mainstream. Bare walls and floors are washed with white and grey cement , cretestone and beach sand. The wooden floors and doorways are sanded down to smooth matte finish.




houseArtist3hungergamesKind of reminds me of fantastic poster with Woody Harrelson (“Hunger games” movie). Home images via







images via and tumblr blogs.

Unique chairs, art wall, accessories from small and big designers, available to buy online from affiliate stores for your home, apartment.