There are beautiful wallpapers that will completly change the look of your room, modern abstract or nature. Also painting one wall or piece of furniture into a different colour could make a major difference.

Here are some inspiring looks:

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Inspiring apartment form @industrieelchique

“Every time you tear a leaf off calendar, you present new place for new ideas” Charles Kattering.

Let’s start with a place of living. New colour of walls does make a huge change, create a mood, sometimes dramatic intimate feel. Some inspirational idaes:

Images source instagram @nicolinebeerkens, @parquet_diem

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The other great source for inspiration is the shop for paints an wallpapers

There are really great ideas, articles on Ikea blog, hidden somewhere, eg. these cool bedroom styles.

How to create a space for perfect afternoon

Book storage ideas giving your room character

How to use tops of kitchen cabinets

how to elevate Ivar cabinets

Bedroom of a stylist

start your day in the right order

a personal home gym

Tending houseplants and gardening is a form of self-care, a sort of the antidote to our fast and also that turbulent digital life. The greenery like the nature can bring calm, they literally produce oxygen and look beautiful. The use of houseplants within your working area also can help improve creativity and productivity.

How to decorate with plants and not make it look chaotic and messy. For example: allow your plants to take centre stage e.g fireplaces, welcome them to a work space in the corner of a desk. Use greenery in the bathroom, plants that love wet, hot and not too much sunt like Boston Ferns.

Buy a plant, stand or a vase.

According to research conducted by IKEA, by 2050, 70% of the world population will live in cities, making it obvious that we need to rethink the way we live. the IKEA home of tomorrow published in is the brand’s new urban concept where visitors can learn how to introduce environmentally friendly solutions into their homes. these solutions address future challenges such as excessive amount of waste, exhaustion of natural resources etc.

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Here are some interesting inspirational movie and tv-shows apartments.

Two images above from “Just like that”. Just well designed bookshelves with wallpaper and painted shelves, as on the picture below from another movie. I like the trend with 2 curtains in different colours.

Loft is mostly extra space above the main living area with a balcony, but if thre is a permission to build a tarrace, that’s the dream, like a small oasis in the middle of the city especially when filled with plants, cute wooden garden furniture. There are also industrial lofts located in old factories and warehouses, but they ussually have maybe a small balcony.

Eather way there are plenty of of awesome ideas that might help you create an outdoor space that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

This amazing Bila Wabi Sabi apartment located in Kyiv Ukraine (hope it still exist, as many buildings are completely destroyed) was created by Serhii Makhno Architects. Scandinavian style kitchen with statement ceiling lamps- umbrellas.

The character of the home is formed by things. Very unique, handmade, entirely original because plenty of them Serhii Makhno creats by themselves.

Many other very inspiring apartments also designed by Serhii Makhno. Lighting and whole idea of the first one Odesa House remids of some kind of windy desert with incredible unique lamps and accessories.

Images via Design Visual, Makhno Architects website

Unique lighting and accessories

More and more people recognise the opportunity they have to extend the extra space above their living area into loft, create additional bedroom or even entire flat.

How to design a new loft conversion to increase the monetary value of the property? There are so many ideas to choose from: modern country, minimalistic design, seating relaxing space with a tarrace or without.

Some inspirational pics below.

Original wood ceilings, white panels, also dark blue paint.

Build in wall ladder, industrial style

or classic brick.

images via, luxurylifestylema magazine, tigerbuildingservices

industrial modern kitchen

Beautiful modern contemporary style interiors. Newly built in a village in Camberwell London are inspired by the surroundings, specific vibe, culture of the local area. The industrial loft style, that I especially like, is beautifully created with details in every room, open plan kitchen, bedroom, and place to work with modern furniture and warm color accessories. That kind of modern artistic style, I would love to recreate or add some of it’s features to my new home.

Industrial modern Loft style inspired furniture and accessories

Also beautiful industrial style Soho loft.

Images via and

How to make them look more spaciousness

Here are simple advices from interior designers:
1. Whiten the ceilings and the walls to brighten the small space, use white marble in the bathroom.
White walls and stripped-back wooden floors gave the illusion of spaciousness. Adding textures velvet sofas, rugs will also add a character to the room.

2. Consider custom-made furniture to fit in the corners, building seating nooks in the corners or window bays.
Top off with the custom upholstery, linen, leather or velvet for glamour look, or Scandinavian simplicity.

3. Zone your space by transforming corner of the living room into the office.

4. Keep the furniture simple to not overwhelm the space. But also create a sense of luxury by combining old and new furniture.
5. When thinking about bookcases, purchase something that is high and will reach the ceilings.
White cabinetry, handleless and gloss in the kitchen reflects light and creates a feeling of spaciousness.
Floor to wall separate wardrobe will also help the space be more uncluttered and more restless.

6. If posiible, build loft extensions for living space or large bathroom.
7. Removing the doors can make the rooom instantly more open and capacious, but sometimes not very practical. Consider instead glass doors or door frames, which will give your space an open-plan feel without losing the ability to shut the areas off.

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The Danish Girl is visually stunning thanks to Eve Stewart, an Oscar-nominated production designer who has been working in film, television, and theater for 20+ years. Her latest project, film about the story of Lili Elbe, the first trans woman to ever undergo gender confirmation surgery, was a masterpiece.
She designed Gerda’s and Lilly’s apartment in Copenhagen using lots of royal blues and greys, and the Parisian apartment, more feminine, with warm soft colors—golds, saffron yellows and pinks.

Quote from the interview with Eve Stewart “I read and the more I heard stories and anecdotes about Lili, she was a piece of art for her own sake. She became her own creation. The background as a painting was just to support that”.

Copenhagen apartment


Alicia Vikander as Gerda.

Parisian apartment

Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe.


Images via Architectural Digest



Transform your space at the change of new season by adding new accessories such as cushions and rugs, new shades of lamps in a colour palette that complements the weather. Mix beautiful autumn colours from orange and blue, that go really great together, to yellow, dark red and green.


Deepest inky and blue tones can create a very warm ambience, as seen on image below, room arranged by interior design maestro Abigail Ahern, author of the book “Colour”. Other tips from her book:
Mix up your accessories – avoid everything being super glam or rustic, it can feel a little one-dimensional.


Slubby shades tempered by sensuous materials and textures create peaceful space that feels beautiful and refined.


Some other autumn ideas. Colourful abstract  purple-orange-yellow rug, and dark blue duvet set  from Urbanoutfitters on the right.




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It’s a spring time, the season for reneval. Besides picnics and gardening there is a time for work. Freshening up your work space can bring new ideas and make the work more pleasant, when is all about the sun and fun outside.
Your surroundings can affect our thoughts, and energy, so it’s good to organize your desk space, minimalise the stuff and surround yourself with plants and motivational posters.

Add to your workspace beautiful, inspirational artwork, and new modern, comfortable or accent chair in your favorite colour.


images via,, decor&blog,

Great selection of chairs for home office and many others from VOGA.


Also in Cultfurniture you can buy unique office upholstered, chairs, e.g. Eames Chair in variety of colours.

Below are two motivational posters from GP Posters.


home at Bali – from one of the old eddition Elle Decoration magazine

Unique chairs, art wall, accessories from small and big designers, available to buy online from affiliate stores for your home, apartment.